The Norsetek Wind Turbine Technology

In Norsetek we combine industrial design methodology and conventional solutions in order to design a new type of large wind turbines.

Our main objective of achievement is within the rotor blades, which can be built

   Lighter,            Larger and by            Less expenses

The technology facilitates a whole set of improvements including lighter and taller towers and a star shaped rotor with even better power production. Our Norsetek wind turbine technology has potential to reduce the levelled cost of wind energy by another 20% (mainly by CAPEX reduction).

Norsetek and wind energy

Wind is an available and efficient source of clean energy across most of the world.  Wind energy seems to be essential for economic growth and political stability in combination with a strong increase of renewable energy supply.

The wind turbine technology of today is based on a structural layout for small size units. And then scaled, incrementally improved and even taken offshore.

We sincerely believe new wind technology is required in order to efficiently break the increase of CO2 and the forecasted climatic destructions.

Norsetek has made preparations for new technology which will provide lighter, larger and more cost efficient range of wind turbines.

Norsetek is currently building a pilot wind turbine for demonstration of our new, protected and light wind turbine technology.


Team and competence

Norsetek is a technology company consisting of experienced personnel from the Norwegian Maritime and offshore industries.

Founder and main shareholder of Norsetek, Holmøy (1966) graduated from Norwegian Institute of Technology, Faculty of Marine Technology in 1990 and has a M.Sc. degree.

The three other owners each have more than 20 years of engineering experience from maritime and offshore industries. The company is assisted by its active board members and by access to world-class consultants and suppliers.

Core competences:

– Mechanical and structural engineering and development
– Materials, structural analyses and documentation
– Mechanical Completion and commissioning
– Offshore Installation work
– Project management
– Contacts and supplier network
– Patenting and technology protection
– International maritime projects, sales and marketing