Lighter Larger and Less expensive wind turbines
Lighter, Larger and    Less expensive        wind turbines
Lighter, Larger and      Less expensive        wind turbines


Norsetek is a technology company consisting of experienced personnel from the Norwegian Maritime and offshore industries. We combine industrial design methodology and conventional solutions in order to design a new type of large wind turbines.


Our approach is based on the mainstream «horizontal axis» type of wind turbine rotor. But it is more than incremental adjustment of the existing solution. The Norsetek wind turbine technology is radically new and especially efficient for modern wind turbine sizes.


We have turned to the wind industry in order to review and analyse our solutions and have received many positive responses. Reputated GL Garrad Hassan has carried out design reviews and analyses on the Light Rotor in two phases.


Trial period ongoing

In spite of many no-wind days this winter, the rotor/tower and all other subsystems have performed well above expectation during the winter. “This is a completely new machine made by a young company in the wind business. Some surprises and mechanical repair... read more